Dentist Stuart Benefits of Our Dentures

Benefits of Dentures Created by Equipoise Dental

While the goal of our smile is to make it last a lifetime, sometimes that isn’t always the case. There are numerous ways that patients can suffer from tooth decay and tooth loss, resulting in the need for dentures. Thankfully, with the help of the ever-advancing dental technology that both your practice and our lab works with, we’re able to provide your patients with solid, sturdy, and reliable dentures.


When patients think of dentures, they may think of their grandparents’ dentures from 50 years ago, the ones that didn’t match what their real smile should look like. Thankfully, we’re able to create both top and bottom dentures for your patients that match the smile that they deserve, one that they’re comfortable with and proud to share with their friends and family. Not to mention, those dentures from 50 years ago were both uncomfortable and looked unnatural.


There are numerous advantages to a strong pair of dentures, including:

  • Fully functional teeth
  • Stops facial muscles from becoming weak and sagging, giving an aged look
  • Ability to eat comfortably and confidently
  • Improved ability to speak and enunciate
  • And more!


Our products are top-of-the-line and give your patients the smile they’ve always been looking for. If you’re interested in learning more about our dentures, call Equipoise Dental at (800) 999-4950.