Dentist Stuart Case Turnaround Time

Case Turnaround Time

Time Schedule



Case Type Business Day Turn Around
Models and Bite Blocks 2
Custom Trays and Bite Blocks 2
Denture set-up 5
Denture Finish 5
Denture Set-up and Finish (together) 6
Acrylic Temporaries  6
Minor Denture Repairs 2
Extensive Denture Repairs Call
Transitional Partial (Flipper) 5
Weld (Simple repair) 4
Weld (Extensive repair) Call
Dies 3
Post and Core 5
Transfer Copings 4
Equipoise Frame (Conventional) 6
Equipoise Frame (Precision) 8
Crown and Bridge metal work only (1-4 units) 5
Crown and Bridge metal work only (5+ units) 6
Complete Crown (single) 6
Complete Crowns (2-5 units) 7
Complete Crowns (6+ units) 8
Porcelain (1-3 units) 3
Porcelain (4+ units) 5
Zirconia or Pressable Crowns 7
Implant Abutments with Provided Parts 7
Implant Abutments without Provided Parts 10


Rush services available for most restorations.

Please call to pre-schedule.


Please note: These times are approximate and subject to change

We always recommend scheduling patients on day AFTER case arrives