Dentist Stuart C.R.A. Report

C.R.A. Report

The 27th year as the clinicians' guide to dental products & techniques


"Removable partial dentures (RPD) remain one of the most frustrating aspects of dental practice due to routine patient dissatisfaction. Dentists having difficulty producing successful RPDs should seek further continuing education & consider changing their techniques. The Equipoise RPD concept has had positive reports from practitioners. Survey results from 23 dentist users (87% indicated use of concept 5+ years) are reported below."




Description: RPD system concept of Class 2 level design to deliver force of mastication along the long axis of abutment teeth to strengthen, protect, & preserve abutment teeth. Treatment process requires about 2 months from start to final seating, 3-5 visits by patient to dentist's office, & about 2.5 hours total chair time. Can be used with implants. 23 labs are trained & certified currently for Equipoise in the US & Canada (addresses available from Equipoise Dental).


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