Dentist Stuart Is Restoration the Best Option?

See how Equipoise Dental’s Restoration Products can Be the Best for Your Patients


How are patients supposed to know what the best option is to restore their smile? There are numerous restorative dental services that dentists offer that give their patients the ability to feel comfortable with their smile. Thankfully, we offer the right products that you can utilize in your office and give your patients a brand new, healthy and happy grin.


Learn more about popular restorative dental options below:



Everyone has their favorite memory of their grandparents and a silly moment involving their dentures. Once upon a time, this was the only option for replacing any missing teeth. Even though there are more options today, there are still countless patients who rely on dentures to give them a full, shining smile. This restorative option allows you to remove them, which can cause some comfort issues or difficulty eating and talking, but they can also be your best choice.


Dental Implants

This restorative option can give patients the feeling of their natural smile again. They give complete functionality as real teeth and look like you were never missing any teeth in the first place. They’re long-lasting and your daily dental routine won’t need to change much. While their price is higher than other options, their quality is worth it.


Dental Bridges

This option can still replace multiple missing teeth without any need for surgery, unlike dental implants. Dental bridges are artificial teeth that are attached to surrounding dental crowns and bonded to your mouth to act as the missing tooth.


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