Dentist Stuart What Can Our Lab Do for You?

What Can Our Lab Do for Your Practice?

When you become a dentist, your goal is to help patients of all ages to maintain, better, or restore their smile. With your passion and desire to work with patients to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem when it comes to their oral health, you’ll need to have top-of-the-line products, materials, appliances, and restorations available – that’s where we come in!


Equipoise Dental has been serving dental offices since 1980, specializing in the Equipoise Complete Removable Restorative Dental System which can be applied to all design scenarios for our restorations. Numerous offices have utilized the Equipoise System for their patients and they all say the same – once they practice with this system, there’s no going back!


We offer a large variety of services that dentists of all specialties can benefit from. Crown and bridges, all porcelain restorations, removables, custom trays and night guards – the list goes on and on! Our high-quality dental restorations can help serve your patients and give them the unique and healthy smile they’ve been looking for all along.


Equipoise Dental strives to provide helpful and meaningful education so clients can understand, explain, and provide the Equipoise System for their patients. Our lecture series, “Removable Solutions for Today’s Dentistry,” has taught countless eager clients about new implant/removable options, zirconia crowns, and much more.  We also attend several seminars, webinars, and courses ourselves because we understand the ever-changing and ever-growing industry that is dental care and we want to ensure that we’re providing our clients the best possible smile solutions.


Ready to take the next step and integrate the Equipoise System into your practice? Give our New Jersey dental lab a call today at (800) 999-4950 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.